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ā   ī   ū                     ñ   ś                                         
ā   Ā   á   Á   à   À   ă   Ă   ǎ   Ǎ   â      ä   Ä   ā̆   Ā̆   æ   Æ   ç   Ç   č   Č         ē   Ē   é   É   è   È   ê   Ê   ě   Ě   ĕ   Ĕ                     ī   Ī   í   Í   ì   Ì   î   Π  ï   Ï   ĭ   Ĭ   ī̆   Ī̆   ĩ   Ĩ                           Ń   ń               ṇ̄   Ṇ̄   ñ   Ñ   ō   Ō   ó   Ó   ò   Ò   ô   Ô   ǒ   Ǒ   ŏ   Ŏ   ö   Ö   ø   Ø   œ   Œ                  ś   Ś               š   Š   ß               ū   Ū   ú   Ú   ù   Ù   ŭ   Ŭ   ǔ   Ǔ   û   Û   ü   Ü   ū̆   Ū̆         ź   Ź        

印度學佛敎學硏究 65 巻 3 号 (通号: 142)


媒体名 印度學佛敎學硏究
通号 142
ISSN 0019-4344
編者 日本印度学仏教学会
発行日 2017-03-25

収録論文: 41 件

天野 恭子 A Ritual Explanation Concealing Its Name印度學佛敎學硏究1-8(L)詳細
伊澤 敦子 The Myth of Agni's Flight and Search for the Clay for the Ukhā印度學佛敎學硏究9-15(L)詳細
竹崎 隆太郎 The Heart (h〓rdi/hṛd-) and the Formula ‘‘to Fashion (√takṣ) a Hymn” in the Ṛgveda印度學佛敎學硏究16-20(L)詳細
川村 悠人 chandovat sūtrāṇi bhavanti and chandovat kavayaḥ kurvanti印度學佛敎學硏究21-27(L)詳細
置田 清和 From Rasa to Bhaktirasa印度學佛敎學硏究28-34(L)詳細
和田 壽弘 A History of Navya-nyāya Study and Its Future印度學佛敎學硏究35-43(L)詳細
岩崎 陽一 The Meaning of ‘‘Meaning”印度學佛敎學硏究44-50(L)詳細
斉藤 茜 On the Theory of Phonemes Conveying the Sentence Meaning印度學佛敎學硏究51-56(L)詳細
日比 真由美 The Proof for the Existence of God in Nyāyalīlāvatī印度學佛敎學硏究57-62(L)詳細
張本 研吾 The Epistemology of the Author of the Pātañjalayogaśāstravivaraṇa印度學佛敎學硏究63-70(L)詳細
眞鍋 智裕 Madhusūdana Sarasvatī's Interpretation of Viṣṇu印度學佛敎學硏究71-76(L)詳細
赤松 明彦 Jaina Studies in Japan since the 1990s印度學佛敎學硏究77-83(L)詳細
志賀 浄邦 Problems Concerning Āptamīmāṃsā 59印度學佛敎學硏究84-91(L)詳細
上田 真啓 Study on the Exegetical Literature of Śvetāmbara Jainas印度學佛敎學硏究92-97(L)詳細
シーセットタワォラクン スチャーダー Developing Database of the Pāli Canon from the Selected Palm-leaf Manuscripts 印度學佛敎學硏究98-104(L)詳細
渡邉 要一郎 On bhāvapada in the Saddanīti印度學佛敎學硏究105-108(L)詳細
鈴木 隆泰 ‘‘Qizui biyi” Having Atoned for His Sin印度學佛敎學硏究109-117(L)詳細
笠松 直 asthāt / asthāsīt in the Saddharmapuṇḍarīka-sūtra印度學佛敎學硏究118-125(L)詳細
山崎 一穂 On Ornaments of Speech in Gopadatta's Saptakumārikāvadāna印度學佛敎學硏究126-132(L)詳細
米澤 嘉康 The Vinayasūtra and the Mūlasarvāstivāda-Vinaya印度學佛敎學硏究133-140(L)詳細
井上 綾瀬 Sugar in the Vinayas印度學佛敎學硏究141-146(L)詳細
熊谷 誠慈 The Bonpo Abhidharma Theory of Perception (Saṃjñā)印度學佛敎學硏究147-154(L)詳細
清水 尚史 The Sarvāstivāda's Theory of the Existence of All Dharmas in Three Times as Referred in the Pañcaskandhakavibhāṣā by Sthiramati印度學佛敎學硏究155-159(L)詳細
新作 慶明 Mūlamadhyamakakārikā, Chapter 18, Verse 2 and the Prasannapadā's Commentary Thereon 印度學佛敎學硏究160-166(L)詳細
安井 光洋 The Status of the Akutobhayā in the Madhyamaka and the Uniqueness of *Piṅgala's Zhonglun印度學佛敎學硏究167-171(L)詳細
小坂 有弘 The Reading of śubhāśubhaviparyāsa in the Twenty-third Chapter of the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā印度學佛敎學硏究172-176(L)詳細
横山 剛 An Analysis of the Conditioned Forces Dissociated from Thought in the Madhyamakapañcaskandhaka印度學佛敎學硏究177-182(L)詳細
崔 珍景 A Preliminary Survey on a Sanskrit Manuscript Folio of an Unknown Commentary to the Viniścayasaṃgrahaṇī from Tibet印度學佛敎學硏究183-190(L)詳細
阿部 貴子 Śamatha and Vipaśyanā in the Commentary on the Śarīrārthagāthā in the Cintāmayībhūmi印度學佛敎學硏究191-197(L)詳細
高橋 晃一 Conceptualization (vikalpa) of Other Sentient Beings in the Early Yogācāra Texts印度學佛敎學硏究198-204(L)詳細
早島 慧 Ālayavijñāna in the Prajñāpāramitopadeśa印度學佛敎學硏究205-211(L)詳細
Vo Thi Van Anh On the Bhūmi Theory in the Bodhisattvabhūmi印度學佛敎學硏究212-217(L)詳細
三代 舞 Niścaya as a Perceptual Function印度學佛敎學硏究218-224(L)詳細
望月 海慧 Vasubandhu's Commentary on the Lotus Sutra in Tibetan Literature印度學佛敎學硏究225-232(L)詳細
井内 真帆 Early Bka' brgyud Texts from Khara-khoto in the Stein Collection of the British Library 印度學佛敎學硏究233-238(L)詳細
岸野 亮示 Bu ston's Doubts about the Authenticity of the Vinaya-saṃgraha印度學佛敎學硏究239-245(L)詳細
朴 賢珍 The Bathang Manuscript of the Buddhāvataṃsakasūtra印度學佛敎學硏究246-250(L)詳細
崔 境眞 bCom ldan rig ral on the Methods for Proving Momentariness印度學佛敎學硏究251-256(L)詳細
師 茂樹 Proof of vijñaptimātratā and Mungwe 印度學佛敎學硏究257-263(L)詳細
金 鍾旭 Relation and Property in Wŏnhyo's Buddhist Thought印度學佛敎學硏究264-271(L)詳細
亀山 隆彦 Medieval Shingon Buddhist Monks' Acceptance of the Esoteric Buddhist Scriptures Translated in the Song Dynasty 印度學佛敎學硏究272-277(L)詳細

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