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ā   ī   ū                     ñ   ś                                         
ā   Ā   á   Á   à   À   ă   Ă   ǎ   Ǎ   â      ä   Ä   ā̆   Ā̆   æ   Æ   ç   Ç   č   Č         ē   Ē   é   É   è   È   ê   Ê   ě   Ě   ĕ   Ĕ                     ī   Ī   í   Í   ì   Ì   î   Π  ï   Ï   ĭ   Ĭ   ī̆   Ī̆   ĩ   Ĩ                           Ń   ń               ṇ̄   Ṇ̄   ñ   Ñ   ō   Ō   ó   Ó   ò   Ò   ô   Ô   ǒ   Ǒ   ŏ   Ŏ   ö   Ö   ø   Ø   œ   Œ                  ś   Ś               š   Š   ß               ū   Ū   ú   Ú   ù   Ù   ŭ   Ŭ   ǔ   Ǔ   û   Û   ü   Ü   ū̆   Ū̆         ź   Ź        

印度學佛敎學硏究 64 巻 3 号 (通号: 139)


媒体名 印度學佛敎學硏究
通号 139
ISSN 0019-4344
編者 日本印度学仏教学会
発行日 2016-03-25

収録論文: 43 件

手嶋 英貴 The Paśu List for the Main Sacrifice of the Aśvamedha印度學佛敎學硏究1-10(L)詳細
天野 恭子 vidhenāman and vṛdhātu in Yajurvedic Mantras印度學佛敎學硏究11-18(L)詳細
伊澤 敦子 In Silence or with a Formula?印度學佛敎學硏究19-24(L)詳細
Catt Adam A. On the Scansion of the Sequence -eyā- in the Vedic Root Aorist Optatives印度學佛敎學硏究25-31(L)詳細
川村 悠人 Patañjali's Interpretation vs. Poetic Usage印度學佛敎學硏究32-38(L)詳細
置田 清和 The Influence of Śiṅgabhūpāla Ⅱ on Bengali Vaiṣṇava Aesthetics印度學佛敎學硏究39-45(L)詳細
斉藤 茜 Generic Concept and Class-term in the Epistemic Analysis of the Word印度學佛敎學硏究46-50(L)詳細
佐々木 亮 Jayanta's Objection to Dharmakīrti's Criticism of the pratijñāhāni of the Nyāya School印度學佛敎學硏究51-57(L)詳細
岩崎 陽一 The saṃsarga-maryādā in the Śabdamaṇyāloka of Jayadeva印度學佛敎學硏究58-63(L)詳細
加藤 隆宏 Interpretation of the Bhagavadgītā Ⅱ.11印度學佛敎學硏究64-70(L)詳細
眞鍋 智裕 Madhusūdana Sarasvatī's Criticism of the Hiraṇyagarbha School印度學佛敎學硏究71-76(L)詳細
堀田 和義 Under Which Conditions Is sallekhanā Permitted for Jain Laity?印度學佛敎學硏究77-82(L)詳細
山中 行雄 On the Analytic and Coalescent Conjugations in Pāli印度學佛敎學硏究83-90(L)詳細
稲葉 維摩 On the Verbs duṣ- and dviṣ- in Pāli印度學佛敎學硏究91-97(L)詳細
清水 俊史 How Many Dhammapālas Were There?印度學佛敎學硏究98-104(L)詳細
米澤 嘉康 sTeng lo tsā ba Tshul khrims 'byung gnas印度學佛敎學硏究105-112(L)詳細
鈴木 隆泰 The Saddharmapuṇḍarīka as the Prediction of All the Sentient Beings' Attaining Buddhahood印度學佛敎學硏究113-121(L)詳細
笠松 直 On the derivation of samādapana-/samādāpana- in the Saddharmapuṇḍarīka-sūtra印度學佛敎學硏究122-128(L)詳細
宮崎 展昌 Highly Effective Practices in the Sahā World印度學佛敎學硏究129-135(L)詳細
山口 周子 Tales of Householder Ghosita, a Man Who Was a Dog Once Before印度學佛敎學硏究136-142(L)詳細
山崎 一穂 On the Legend of the Dharmarājikāpratiṣṭhā印度學佛敎學硏究143-149(L)詳細
熊谷 誠慈 Bonpo Abhidharma Theory of Five Aggregates印度學佛敎學硏究150-157(L)詳細
西山 亮 Conventional Truth in the Prajñāpradīpa and Its Ṭīkā印度學佛敎學硏究158-163(L)詳細
横山 剛 An Analysis of the Textual Purpose of the Madhyamakapañcaskandhaka印度學佛敎學硏究164-168(L)詳細
加藤 弘二郎 A Textual Analysis of the Description of the ‘‘Four Types of Sentient Beings”印度學佛敎學硏究169-174(L)詳細
岡田 英作 The Development of the Five-Gotra Theory in the Yogācāra School印度學佛敎學硏究175-179(L)詳細
高務 祐輝 The Sequential Arising of Vijñānas in the Early Yogācāra and the Sarvāstivāda印度學佛敎學硏究180-184(L)詳細
倉西 憲一 The Historical Context of the Yantra Rites in the Vajrayāna Literature 印度學佛敎學硏究185-189(L)詳細
松村 幸彦 On the Process of Meditational Realization (sādhana-) Written by Saroruhavajra 印度學佛敎學硏究190-194(L)詳細
桂 紹隆 A Report on the Study of Sanskrit Manuscript of the Pramāṇasamuccayaṭīkā Chapter 4印度學佛敎學硏究195-203(L)詳細
吉水 千鶴子 Dharmakīrti's Statement of Consequence (prasaṅga) in the Third Chapter of the Pramāṇaviniścaya印度學佛敎學硏究204-212(L)詳細
志賀 浄邦 An Objection in the Hetubindu Ascribed to the Jainas印度學佛敎學硏究213-220(L)詳細
渡辺 俊和 On the Problem of Negative Existential Propositions 印度學佛敎學硏究221-227(L)詳細
中須賀 美幸 Karṇakagomin's Interpretation of Pramāṇavārttika I 48印度學佛敎學硏究228-232(L)詳細
シャキャ スダン The Sanskrit-Newari Bilingual Buddhist Manuscript of Nepal印度學佛敎學硏究233-240(L)詳細
根本 裕史 Buddhism and Poetry in Tibet印度學佛敎學硏究241-248(L)詳細
朴 賢珍 The Recensional Variants in Several Versions of the Tibetan Buddhāvataṃsakamahāvaipulyasūtra印度學佛敎學硏究249-253(L)詳細
伊藤 真 The Role of Dizang Bodhisattva in the Zhancha jing印度學佛敎學硏究254-260(L)詳細
釋 覺瑋 Chan Buddhism during the Times of Yixuan and Hsing Yun 印度學佛敎學硏究261-267(L)詳細
亀山 隆彦 “Correct Awareness and Firm Belief” (shinchi) in the Saigokanjō jōgyō shin'yōhō印度學佛敎學硏究268-273(L)詳細
バルア シャントゥ Fagua Festival印度學佛敎學硏究274-278(L)詳細
伊藤 奈保子 Study of a Four-armed Gilt Bronze Standing Bodhisattva Unearthed in Jambi, South Sumatra印度學佛敎學硏究279-286(L)詳細
山口 しのぶ Rites of Passage in Balinese Hinduism印度學佛敎學硏究287-294(L)詳細

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